How are pension fund assets lost when changing jobs?

People who have changed jobs several times or have lived abroad for work-related reasons may have lost contact with their 2nd pillar pension assets.

How can I check whether the pension fund of my old employer has transferred the retirement assets due to me to the pension fund of my new employer?

Nowadays, it is common for employees to change jobs several times during their working life. In principle, when you change jobs, you take your 2nd pillar assets with you. However, these pension assets can be forgotten. As an employee, you are responsible for transferring your accrued retirement savings to the new pension fund when you change jobs, but requesting to transfer retirement assets is often forgotten in the process of changing jobs.

In principle, your previous pension fund will request in writing that you transfer your retirement assets to your new pension fund. All too often, however, this request is forgotten, and the retirement assets become “contactless vested benefits money”. According to estimates by the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO), approximately 800,000 vested benefits accounts worth about five billion Swiss francs are considered contactless in Switzerland.
Investigating 2nd pillar assets is worthwhile.

Often it is a matter of smaller amounts of several thousand francs. However, also finds large amounts time and again. Recently, we were able to locate around CHF 130,000 for a client, which was like winning the lottery for our client.

If you are unsure whether your pension assets are still lying around somewhere without your knowledge, we will search for them for you without any cost risk to you. Use our online search tool for this purpose.